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In addition to the manufacture of cast products, our portfolio includes the complete range of services. Project planning, preparation of pattern equipment and machining tools, documentation, logistics service.

Casting treatment

In the cast and tool making department, we carry out the production, maintenance and modification of the equipment. Due to our own production, we can already positively influence the dimensional accuracy and properties of the casting with the pattern making. The pattern equipment is one of the decisive factors for efficient production and good cast products.

Cast iron components support tools

Metall production

Sandblasting, deburring, turning, milling, hardening and more. With our philosophy – everything from a single source – we also enable you to carry out mechanical processing and thermal post-treatment of castings. One contact partner gives you planning reliability for the complete range of services.

Casting technology metall production storage
Casting technology metall production production
Casting techlology metall production machines

Painting / Coating

Coating of cast components as surface protection or for surface finishing. We can provide you the optimal coating system: galvanising, wet and dip painting, powder coating and enamelling.

Cast iron components painting and coating endproduct
Cast iron components painting
Cast iron components coating

Component assembly

We also offer the assembly of components. Simple assemblies of components up to assemblies of complex assemblies.. You can provide us with the add-on parts or we can take care of the procurement. On request, we can also take care of packaging and labelling. In this way, we create added value for you through ready-to-use products.

Cast iron components support component assembly
Cast iron components support component assembly storage delivery

Laboratory / Documentation

We document the values of the products throughout the entire manufacturing process. Visual quality controls, tests of the starting material, sand quality, raw casting component, machined product. In the laboratory, we create inspection certificates according to EN 10204, dimensional protocols and also special test certificates according to customer requirements.

Cast iron components support documentation
Casting technology spectrum of parts production

Logistic management

From order to delivery – we take over the management, processing and control of the entire flow of goods. In addition, we support you in creating repackaging and transport packaging as well as in setting up a call-off or consignment warehouse. The right product in the right place at the right time.

Cast iron components support transport overland
Cast iron components support logistics management