Location Nova Gorica

Livarna Gorica d.o.o., Nova Gorica

Performance and Precision Castings

Foundry Livarna Gorica

LIGO (Livarna Gorica d.o.o.) Foundry is a company of the ZÜRN Group, and is located in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, close to the Italian border. Over twenty-five years production experience in complex individual grey iron components makes LIGO a competent and reliable partner. At 90 percent export-oriented, the location close to the sales markets is an important geographical advantage. A team of over 90 employees provides an annual capacity of over 10,000 tons of demanding, mostly thin walled and core intensive cast components for high grade solutions.

Your reliable partner for challenging solutions

LIGO is a foundry for high quality, individual and customer specific solutions. The modern production equipment such as the GF DISAMATIC 230A provides high production throughput LIGO´s core competence includes their ability to produce cored thin-walled grey iron-cast components with wall thicknesses down to 2 mm. Belonging to the internationally active ZÜRN Group LIGO can offer cost saving secondary operations. These operations include machining and painting of the cast and also the assembly of additional components.

Quality is our supreme priority

LIGO offers reliable cast part production of the highest level of quality and dependable customer service with highly flexible logistics performance. Innovative quality management with continuous process optimization on the basis of ISO 9001:2000 provides ideal transparency and offers high quality reliability. Long term customer satisfaction is top priority for LIGO. That´s why the foundry has established as a competent and high performance partner, who develops together with their customers complex solutions for cast components, supporting market activity and developing the future.

Efficient investments in the future

LIGO is technically up-to-date and reacts quickly to new market demands. LIGO engages the most modern and efficient equipment and machinery to produce and handle castings. The facilities are continuously optimized and extended, keeping ecological requirements and needs in mind; installation of the most modern filters and cleaning plants are just one example. Environmental protection and permanent growth are part of the responsible challenges to secure a productive and successful future.