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Casting technology

Our goals are to achieve good results and an efficient production. To implement this, we produce castings on reliable equipment and with qualified employees who have many years of experience. This allows us to set the cornerstone for high-quality casting technology, from core production and mould making to the casting process.


Cast iron with lamellar graphite
(grey cast iron)

Eisenguss mit Lamellengraphit
  • high compressive strength
  • good gliding properties
  • cushions mechanical vibrations
  • high thermal conductivity
  • good castability

Cast iron with nodular graphite
(Spheroidal or ductile casting)

Werkstoff Eisenguss mit Kuppelgraphit
  • highly malleable
  • high tensile strength
  • good elongation at break
  • minimal notching effects
  • good machinability

Special casting
Special alloys

  • Special alloys, for specific applications e.g. wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials as well, depending on requirements.

Spectrum of parts

Components with complicated cores and complex core pressings as well as thin-walled cast components. Components with weights from 0.1 to 200 kg. In-house core production ensures the quality standard and a seamless production process. ZÜRN cast products are used, among others, in environmental technology, in the commercial vehicle industry and in gearbox and pump construction.

Gusstechnik Teilspektrum
Casting technology spectrum of parts production
Gusttechnik Teilspektrum Endprodukte


Already in the melting shop we lay the foundation for a consistently good casting quality. The high requirements for the raw material pig iron and iron scrap are ensured by our incoming inspections. In conjunction with our state-of-the-art induction furnaces with automatic melting processors, we meet our requirements for optimum casting results.

Gusstechnik Schmelzbetriebe
Gusstechnik Schmelzbertieb Presse


We guarantee economical production processes through the use of qualified personnel on our moulding lines. Our plants prove their value especially for medium and large quantities. The automatic core inserters additionally increase the process efficiency in the production of the castings. Due to flexible casting pattern-changing equipment, we can react to short-term demands as well.

Gusstechnik Formherstellung Formen
Gusstechnik Formhertsellung Produkt

Casting process

Fully automatic, camera-controlled pouring equipment for cast components with the best possible properties. Continuous temperature monitoring during the casting process enables a homogeneous structure of the components. With the help of camera guidance, we control the feeding of the casting melt, whereby the optimally adapted gating and welding technique is of great importance. The components are cooled gently over long cooling lines.

Casting technology
Gusstechnik Gießprozess Maschine
Gusstechnik Gießprozess Lagerung

Core production

Our special expertise lies in the production of thin-walled cast components with complex cores. We can guarantee the requirements for precisely manufactured cores through our own core production. The wide range of core manufacturing processes allows us to respond precisely to the requirements of the end product Short paths and coordination between departments serve to optimise processes in order to achieve the best possible results.

Gusstechnik Kernherstellung Produktion
Gusstechnik Kernherstellung Lagerung
Gusstechnik Kernherstellung Endprodukt