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ZÜRN GmbH & Co. KG, Rain

Office, warehouse and production

Our newest location in Rain includes a large office complex, a warehouse and stainless steel production.

With our new warehouse, we are now able to store all products under roof and thus avoid all weather influences. In addition, we have expanded our storage capacity many times over and partly equipped it with a modern high-bay warehouse. Another big improvement at our new location is the loading zone. As a result, we save a lot of time when loading and unloading lorries. This includes a height-adjustable loading ramp with feed and two fold-out loading ramps that can be docked along the entire length of the truck.

The new stainless steel production line allows us to significantly increase our output. It enables us to run all the machines around the clock and thus reduce machine downtime to a minimum. In addition, our production staff work in two shifts at the new location to achieve an even better delivery capacity.

Our office complex extends over two floors and provides space for 20 employees working in the sales and technical departments. State-of-the-art building materials ensure optimal working comfort.