Responsible raw material purchasing and environmentally friendly logistics management are just as important to us as reliable customer service and the manufacture of high-quality products. The selection of modern and efficient plants, the economical use of raw materials and the sensitisation of employees provide the foundation for the implementation of the following goals.


Cast iron is very resistant to environmental influences. It is a solid and durable material that can last for centuries.


Cast iron is made from up to 100 % recycled material and is therefore completely reusable. Recycled cast iron thus flows back into the raw material cycle without any loss of material and is the basic material for new products.


We support the saving of CO2 through the use of rail transport. Through intelligent routing and optimal utilisation of our transport vehicles, we contribute to relieving traffic congestion and thus to further energy savings.


Cast iron is made from natural raw materials. Finished cast iron products neither pollute the environment nor emit harmful substances.