Expansion subsidiary


We are now able to inform you on schedule, right at the beginning of the Christmas season, that our new warehouse has been completed after 8 months of construction. We would therefore like to thank our architect’s office and the construction companies involved, as well as our employees for the additional workload in their daily routine and the good cooperation.

The external walls of the new warehouse in Rain are almost closed and the interior work has begun. In addition to the changing rooms for women and men and the sanitary facilities, a new social room for the employees with a kitchen and lounge area is being built at the existing warehouse.

The ring foundation for our new storage hall has been completed and the further construction measures can begin now.

In Rain am Lech, under a bright blue sky and sunshine, the concrete was poured for the clean elevation, which serves as the base for the foundation. In addition, steel reinforcements were attached.

The first indoor work has now started in our warehouse in Rain am Lech, the foundation was poured, then the brickwork was raised. At the same time, the deep drilling of the new ring foundation has begun outside. For this purpose, pipes made of ductile cast iron are rammed into the ground with high impact force and then filled with concrete. The pile-driving plates required here are manufactured by us and installed by our deep foundation contractor.

Our subsidiary in Rain am Lech will be expanded by a warehouse and logistics hall. This expansion will enable us to cover higher capacities and thus make us even more competitive for the future. In addition, we are enlarging our social rooms in the existing building. We are looking forward to keep you updated.


Our subsidiary in Rain has been being expanded with company parking spaces and additional areas for the logistics center. The production center with an integrated office area can cover higher capacities through the expansion and is therefore even set up more efficiently for the future.

CW 19

Our customers have unrestricted access to the office complex. Production and logistics continue undisturbed. At the Rain site, there are no problems with the construction work.

Unrestricted access to the office complex despite expansion

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The works continue: The casing for the foundations is largely prepared

CW 15

The exterior work on our site is continuing quickly: building materials are being delivered, the ground is being processed, dredging operations are in full swing

Preparation of the construction measures: excess material is removed and disposed of, the ground is leveled