Donations instead of Christmas presents

In 2019, the ZÜRN Group has been supporting numerous non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, SOS Kinderdorf, Deutsche Jose Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung e.V., Peter Ustinov Stiftung, Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V., Deutscher Caritasverband e.V., Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung and Mukoviszidose e.V.

As well this year we are renouncing to Christmas presents for our customers and making presents to people who are not so favored by life as we are. Every single one is part of a greater whole. Join in and donate:

Impressions from the reception of the embassy to the German Unity Day 2019

Our managing directors Mrs. Simona Stegne-Ceraj and Mr. Antonio Böckmann of Livarna Gorica d.o.o. (LIGO) accepted the invitation of the German ambassador Mr. Klaus Riedel and his wife Dr. Brigitta Kupferschmidt-Riedel for the embassy reception on 1st October 2019 in Ljubljana on the German Unity Day with enthusiasm.
The reception was artistically accompanied by the clarinet sextet of the Slovenian police orchestra and an exhibition by the paintress Mirjam Sore Semolič.

As a long-standing sponsor of social projects in Slovenia, Livarna Gorica d.o.o. supports the profound German-Slovenian relations also this year.

f.l.t.r. Simona Stegne-Ceraj, Klaus Riedel, Dr. Brigitta Kupferschmidt-Riedel, Antonio Böckmann

Newcast 2019 – the trade fair for castings

Among 430 exhibitors, our own foundry Livarna Gorica “LIGO” presented their range of castings at the NEWCAST trade fair in Düsseldorf. With 3,900 international visitors, the flagship trade fair was a magnet for experts.
LIGO not only impressed the visitors with its attractively designed booth, but also with the presented exhibits, which attracted a lot of attention.

Thank you for visiting our booth and the very good feedback.

42nd Volleyball Championship of the Bavarian prison staff Niederschönenfeld

Under the auspices of the Bavarian State Minister for Justice, Mr. Georg Eisenreich, the 42nd Volleyball Championship of the Bavarian prison staff took place in Rain on 23rd March 2019.

We thank the company sport community of the penal institution Niederschönenfeld for the organization of the successful volleyball championship. We are pleased that we were able to support the event with the sponsorship of the Zürn GmbH & Co. KG.

HTI civil engineering day 2019 at the Erwin Hymer Museum, Bad Waldsee

At spring-like temperatures, the civil engineering day Zehnter took place on 20th February 2019 at the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee. Interested parties were able to find out about the latest news from the industry.

Thank you very much for your visit at the Zürn booth and the interesting professional discussions.

R+F civil engineering day 2019 – the trade fair for civil engineering and environmental technology

We would like to thank the numerous visitors and interesting conversations at our booth at the R+F civil engineering day on 11th January 2019 at the Nuremberg fair.

  • TBU Tiefbautag Logo
  • TBU Tiefbautag mit Zürn

Reception of the German embassy in Slovenia on the German Unity Day 2018

The German ambassador Mr. Klaus Riedel and Mrs. Dr. Brigitta Kupferschmidt-Riedel invited on the occasion of the German Unity Day on 2nd October 2018 to a reception at the residence of the German Embassy in Ljubljana in Slovenia.

As a long-time supporting member of social projects in Slovenia, our Managing Directors Mr. Antonio Böckmann and Mrs. Simona Stegne-Ceraj of Livarna Gorica d.o.o. represented in the German Embassy.

f.l.t.r. German ambassador Klaus Riedel, Antonio Böckmann

Sponsoring of the TSV Rain

The Zürn group of companies starts her sponsorship of the TSV Rain in the football department with the season 2018/2019:
We are pleased that with our commitment we can support the TSV Rain, which plays an important role as a starting point for sports enthusiasts in the region, and we wish the team a good start into the new season!

The schedule of the soccer Bayernliga South 2018/2019 (men) for download.

All matches live on BFV TV.

Impressions from the IFAT 2018

Together with our Zürn team we presented our products at the IFAT 2018 from 14 to 18 May in Munich.

We would like to thank you for your numerous visits to our booth, the interesting conversations and your positive feedback.

HTI civil engineering day 2018 at the old Rottweil power plant

On February 22th, 2018 took place in the old power station of Rottweil the this year´s edition of civil engineering day by HTI Herrenberg.
We are so thankful for much visitors at our booth and the breathtaking atmosphere. 

Reception on occasion of The German Unity Day 2017 in Slovenia

In occasion of the german Unity Day 2017 the German ambassador Mr. Klaus Riedel and Mrs. Brigitta Kupferschmidt-Riedel invited to a reception at the residence in Ljubljana in Slovenia on October 5th, 2017.

As a long term sponsored Livarna Gorica d.o.o. social projects in slovenia and as every year by our managing directors(Antonio Böckmann and Simona Stegne-Ceraj), for furthmore support in slovenia.

 The sponsors wil be invested in different social projects in Slvoenia.

f.l. German ambassador Klaus Riedel, Antonio Böckmann and Simona Stegne-Ceraj

Site opening Rain am Lech

With the support of all involved companies and our ZÜRN – team we have inaugurated our new site in Rain am Lech on 22nd September 2017.

  • Handelsblatt - innovative companies in slovenia

    At Handelsblatt edition no. 45 dated February 27th, 2017 innovative and successful companies from slovenia were presented under the subject "SLOVENIA INVITES YOU".

    Also our foundry LIVARNA GORICA D.O.O. with than more of 70 years experience was able to introduce theirself on the know German media platform "Handelsblatt".

    On a complete page our foundry was presented as the foundry with tradition and innovtive. The article reports about a short company history and the wide performance range, casting technology and as well the quality management.

    Livarna Gorica Homepage

    »Handelsblatt - slovenia invits you«

HTI civil engineering day 2017

On Februar the 15th, was the traditionel civil engineering day of the company HTI Zehnter at the beautiful Erwin-hymer-museum. For a lot of entertainment and visitors was usual catered.

So many thanks to the visitors for the intresting fair day.

R+F civil engineering days 2017

Trade fair for civil engineering and environments protection.

On Januar the 13th, 2017 started for us the new fair season. As in the previous years our expectation was exceeded.

With many visitors and a lot of intrest for our products.

Thanks for the many of intressting conversations and visitors at our booth.

Replacement covers for surface boxes

In view of the big request about our replacement cover, we extend our product ranges with different versions.

They is an cheaper alternate about the models 4055, 4056 and 4057. The models are for the area without high requirement.

 The complete product area about replacement cover found you in our actual online catalogue on side 50.

Link: Catalogue

New Catalogue!

On the occasion of the IFAT 2016 fair, we´ve create a completely new catalogue.

The catalogue comprises all of our building material parts, from dirt collectors, slot buckets, support plates and lifting and services keys.
You will found all the important details and also the proper accessories for your selected product at first sight. By scanning the OR- codes you get every information about your selected product of one data sheet.

Have a look at our new catalogue or require the print version EMAIL

State reception of the Free State of Bavaria on occasion of the environment trade show IFAT 2016

Bavarian State Minister for environment and consumer protection Ulrike Scharf in conversation with our Managing Director Antonio Böckmann about sustainable and environment friendly products of company group ZÜRN at the State reception of the Free State of Bavaria on occasion of the environment trade show IFAT in Munich on 30.05.2016.

The 50th IFAT have closed her doors and we look back on a successful fair week. Thanks a lot for the many visits on our booth, the expert conversations and the very good resonance.

We are pleased to presentation you based on our slogan New, approved and individual about the civil engineering sector.

Company visit of vice ambassador at Livarna Gorica

Mr. Dr. Jakob Haselhuber, vice ambassador of the German embassy in Slovenia followed the invitation of our Managing Director Antonio Böckmann to visit our production facility. He looked and saw a very modern and clean production process at our foundry. Mr. Dr. Haselhuber was surprised and impressed at the ambitious casting components and their applications. Cast iron arises once more as a top modern material performing 100% the request of sustainability.

Antonio Böckmann,  Dr. Jakob Haselhuber

HTI Tiefbautag 2016

With a successful exhibition we start the year.
The HTI Civil engineering fair - informative and innovative for 2016.

Thank you for many visits and great conversation at our booth.

Schulte business opening

On July the 31th, 2015 the new trading store from Schulte opened its doors for the customer.
We experienced a successfull day with a good program and a lot of information.

Schulte civil engineering trade

Tröger + Entenmann house exhibition 2015

Thanks for visiting our booth, talking and the news from the market.

Newcast 2015

The world's leading trade fair for casting technology closed the doors. With a completely new booth design we presented us this year with our own foundry Livarna Gorica at the Newcast.
Thanks a lot for the many visits on our booth, the expert conversations and the very good resonance.

Our foundry LIGO have a new homepage.
Visit the new homepage and inform you about technical renewals and news.

With our foundry LIGO, this year were on the Midest.


Thank you for visiting us on our booth.


from Novemer 04/11 - 07/11/14
Hall 6 / Area F
Booth 067

Company visit of the German Ambassador at Livarna Gorica.

The managing directors Antonio Böckmann and Simona Stegne welcome Mrs. Dr. Prinz (German Ambassador in Slovenia) and Mrs. Segura (Commercial Department of the German Ambassador) at our foundry Livarna Gorica in Nova Gorica.

By a company tour the Ambassador got a detailed impression about the production processes of a foundry, the numerous investments and the creation of working places. Mrs. Dr. Prinz honored the twenty years of Livarna Gorica and the willing of Zürn Group for futured investments at site.

Our success confirms us and we will invest in the future for clean production processes and sustainable products in the view of our customers.

Natalie Segura, Antonio Böckmann, Dr. Anna Prinz, Simona Stegne

IFAT ENTSORGA 2014 / World´s trade fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and raw materials managment

The IFAT 2014 broke records!!

  • Over 135,000 visitors from approx. 170 countries

New, approved and idividual

We look back on a successfull fair week at the IFAT 2014. We thank you for visit at our booth and more for the interesting discussions and a good resonance.

Eurobaustoff house exhibition Sittensen

We thank you for visit our booth, at the house exhibition in Sittensen.

Schulte civil engineering Party 2013

We look back on a successful fairpresentation at 17.05.13. The exellent organized house exhibtion reflect on a very interesting industry professionals.

Particular interest find the visitor by our novelties:
Including our stainless steel- dirt collector. This product have prove her application allready by a biogas plant. Very important is here a high corrosion protection, so that all the requirements be tackled. The positive feedback from our Customer to the Cost- benefit- factor this product has us confirmed, to assume more products in our programm .

Civil engineering day - Forum 2013

We look back on a successful day and thank you

for the positive response and the many visits at our booth,

on the Civil engineering day at Edwin-Scharff-Haus in Neu-Ulm.

 at Januar 24th, 2013

Civil engineering day Bad Wurzach 2013

We thank for your visit at our booth

on the Civil engineering day at Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee.

at Januar 17th, 2013

Booth 58

RIFA Civil engineering days 2012

We thank for the nummerous visits at our booth.


on the Civil engineering days at Faircenter Nürnberg.


from October 19th - 20th, 2012

Hall 4A

Booth 301


IFAT ENTSORGA World´s trade fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and raw materials managment

New Messe Munich

from 05/07-05/11/2012

IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 breaks all records

More visitors, more exhibitors, more area


3. Herrenberger Tiefbautag at 02.02.2012

App. 700 attendants arrived for the 3. Herrenberger Tiefbautag on Febuary 2nd, 2012 at the Herrenberger town hall. As well many of our industrial partners took the opportunity to present their products and services. 



in Düsseldorf from 06/26 till 07/02/2011

The Newcast 2011 was a great success for us.
We thank for your interest at our booth.
We have appreciated your visit.