Slot buckets

hot-dip galvanized or plastic

similar DIN
  • Buckets for street gully tops DIN 4052, gully width 450 mm
  • Buckets for gully tops, high and low
  • We also manufacture buckets for you in special dimensions (e.g. for low drains) and in stainless steel with maximum corrosion resistance. (e.g. biogas plants)


740004: galvanized, similar DIN
740004DIN: galvanized, DIN
740004PE: Plastic

Versions A4:

740003: galvanized, similar DIN
740003DIN: galvanized, DIN
740003PE: Plastic

Versions A2:

7400015: galvanized, similar DIN
7400015DIN: galvanized, DIN
7400015PE: Plastic


740001: galvanized, similar DIN
740001DIN: galvanized, DIN
740001PE: Plastic

Versions C3:

740002: galvanized, similar DIN
740002DIN: galvanized, DIN

Versions C2:

7400017: galvanized, similar DIN
7400017DIN: galvanized, DIN


740007N: galvanized
740007NPE: Plastic


740007H: galvanized
740007HPE: Plastic