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Overview of the mainly processed steel materials

Steel 1.0037 / ST37-2 / S235JR

Unalloyed structural steel

Processing characteristics:
The hot-rolled structural steel 1.0037 / S235JR is the most used steel in the world. 1.0037 is usually alloyed low and only partially heat-treated. But it is a very resistant and stable material. This steel is used for various applications, it’s shock and impact resistant and also useable by minus temperatures or extreme heat. Surface protection by electro-galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing. The 1.0037 steel is available in various versions: Steel tubes, steel bars, steel strips, coarse, medium and fine sheet metal.

Automotive industry, shipbuilding, steel construction, bridge construction, engineering

Please note that the statement is no guarantee for completeness. This description gives a first orientation for use of materials. For a closer definition of possibilities for application, please contact us.